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Recruitment isn’t an exact science so we’re always proud to talk about the successes we have with all our customers. Browse through our testimonials for examples of the confidence our clients place in us for their staffing needs.

Sharon Hong, HR Recruiter, MCR Health Services

I wanted to take a minute and reflect on the past year of our partnership with Acuity. Over the past year Acuity has made a significant impact on our organization with 7 great hires and a few more interviews in process.

What really stands out to us is the expeditious way that Acuity responds to our changing needs. When we have a staffing need, I call Acuity and I know the search is on without hesitation. It’s that strong sense of urgency, responsiveness and timely submissions that make Acuity our go-to staffing partner.

When Acuity sends us a candidate, I have complete confidence the candidate already understands the nature of working at our FQHC. They don’t just send resumes. All of the candidates come to me with knowledge about our organization, our culture and our business needs. The candidates understand what we do and why we do it. The expectations of the job have already been set.

Each of our 27 sites is a bit unique; Acuity has never missed a beat when opening a search for us. The team at Acuity has learned and understands the culture of our company, and has established a positive working relationship across our company.

As our company continues to grow and expand, I feel great comfort knowing that we have a partner that is able to help us at a moment’s notice.

Kerry Gede, RN, MBA, Regional Director of Human Resources, Recovery Home Care

With well earned respect, I confidently recommend Acuity Professional Placement Solutions for all of your recruitment needs. They have an extensive knowledge of the industry and a wide network of professionals for placement.

All of our experience during our three-year association with Acuity Professional Placement has been very positive, and to our knowledge this company has a history of timely and successful completion of filling postions. They have consistently achieved positive results for Recovery Home Care along with recognizing world class talent. In addition to the quality of their service that they provide, their prices are also competitive and better than the other companies doing business in the same field.

Furthermore, The Acuity Team coordinates schedules, arranges all interviews and provides directions to the candidates. All potential candidates are very experienced and qualified and, at times, we have had a hard time making a selection because all of the candidates are so great.

Overall, our organization has been extremely pleased with the service provided by APPS, and I would highly recommend them to other organizations.

Lisa Gurri, Chief Executive Officer, Brevard Health Alliance

I am pleased to provide this recommendation for Acuity Professional Placement Services. Your clients may reach out to me should they wish to discuss our professional relationship.

The Acuity Team has been our lifeline to highly dedicated, well trained professionals for permanent placement on our multidisciplinary clinical teams. Brevard Health Alliance has grown at a rate of more than 40% a year over the last several years, and Acuity’s laser focus on understanding the “right fit” for each position has allowed us to keep up with this growth demand. We have signed 6 physicians in the last 2.5 years through Acuity and each has become a dedicated leader within our organization.

Patricia Rench, RN, MSN, Director of Nursing, Brooks AmeriCare Home Health

I highly recommend Acuity Professional Placement solutions. The Acuity Team is an experienced firm with vast home health experience. Our organization has an internal recruiting department; however, when they are unable to meet our recruiting and staffing needs, APPS is our highly valued resource to get the job done.

I work directly with my account manager who is knowledgeable, hardworking and fast to respond. I understand that there is a tame of recruiters working with the account manager to provide the recruiting power needed to fill our hard-to-fill positions. The Acuity Team presents candidates that meet our experience and qualifications criteria much faster than any other recruiting firm we have worked with in the past. They do a very good job of prescreening professionals for us and ensuring that they not only understand the position that they are interviewing for, but that they understand our organizational culture. Acuity coordinates schedules, arranges interviews for us and Acuity’s recruits are ready to accept an offer after the interview. Everything that they do makes my job easier.

There are many healthcare recruiting firms; however, Acuity sets themselves apart with their fast time to fill, low fall off rate, prompt follow up and positive attitude. It gives me great comfort to know that we have a partner that is there to help at a moment’s notice.


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