How we work for you

We identify and obtain the top talent for any healthcare organization.

Your growing healthcare facility needs qualified, talented staff and we know where to find them. We take care of the strategic marketing to find professionals, as well as the careful screening and vetting to ensure that you have access to the best professionals.

Healthcare is booming with a projected 26.5% growth rate


The best fit.

Recruiting is one of the fastest growing industries on the planet. Even with that, there are huge gaps between employers and employees. As we engage clients and candidates, we have a vision of a recruiting landscape where clients and employees alike are revered for what they are: people.  Whether an employer or an employee, we continue to find the fit that is elusive to most companies.



At Acuity we separate ourselves by getting to know each professional we work with. We spend the same amount of time to build rapport with our clients. In doing so, we have developed a vast network of relationships with some of finest employers in the nation.


You will find an unrivaled passion for recruiting with every member of our team for what we do. We manage every facet of your professional development from the very first interaction, until you join one of our renowned employer partners. With our process you will find mentoring, coaching and professional development with all of our highly skilled consultants. Our industry leading process and service will set you apart from other professionals. With our assistance, we find that 80% of the professionals we work with that interview for a position with our employer partners, receives and offer for employment.


We are committed to confidentiality! It is the cornerstone of our business. We never share your information without your permission and consent. We know we are dealing with your career and we take that very seriously. With Acuity, there are never any hard feelings or obligations!

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We have access to highly qualified, dedicated medical professionals. Explore our professions or submit a job request today.